March 26, 2008

Dare to Share: Knowledge Management Toolkit

KM4Dev recently featured Dare to Share's Knowledge Management Toolkit. Beginning in April 2007 and running until December 2008, Dare to Share will highlight one proven KM and/or learning technique per month. Thus far, they have focused on:

- After Action Review
- Collegial Coaching
- Yellow Pages
- Good Practice
- Knowledge Fair
- Exit Interview
- Storytelling
- Experience Capitalization
- Mentoring
- Visualization
- Peer Assist
- Briefing

For each technique there is a definition, followed by a brief description of how to implement the technique. Dare to Share also provides a link to a much longer discussion of the approach for readers who want to delve deeper.

Not every one of these techniques will work for you or your organization. Even still, this is a great resource if you're looking for new ways to expand knowledge sharing and learning with your colleagues.

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